New Work – Aeropause Return

aeropause-return-openThis is Aeropause Return.

noun, Aeronautics.
1. the indefinite boundary in the upper atmosphere beyond which the air is too thin for conventional aircraft to operate.

In 2016 I created a cube titled Aeropause. It was a little larger than this one. I found the paintings made me feel as though I was looking out the windows of a spinning craft somewhere between earth’s sky and space. This place has a name, Aeropause, where the sky meets space. After some great texts from Adam Collier Noel (also a GREAT artist) at MAC ART in Fort Lauderdale, I decided to revisit this space. I returned to the aeropause of my mind and spun, and spun in infinite wonder.

Aeropause Return is now available at MAC ART in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Baker Museum in Naples, Florida wrote an informative description of my cubes that help explain why there are two photos featured for this work.

“(Ennis’s) sculptures are comprised of six paintings on wood panels hinged together to form a cube, which can balance on any of its corners, edges or planes. When unlatched, the structure unfolds to be exhibited on a wall with any orientation.” -The Baker Museum

I love hearing how each individual experiences my work, was reminded of something, was inspired, learned something, laughed a little, or whatever it may be. Please feel comfortable to reach out and drop me note. As usual, all I ask is for honesty. The truth is everything.