Second Location To Be Announced for MAC Art

MAC Art is opening their new location this summer! Congratulations MAC!!! My sculpture Aeropause Return is featured here with four very complimentary and striking works: (left to right paintings then sculpture) More information on Aeropause Return.

Sara Conca, Starlight 

Bette Ridgeway, Vortex 

Brenda Heim, Cyan Curves 

Veron Ennis, Aeropause Return 

Miki Gutierrez, Bicuántica Roja 

Screenshot 2017-05-05 17.21.26


Art Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale

I am honored to be a part of an upcoming exhibition at MAC FINE ART on February 25th. Some incredible artists will be featured including a new favorite of mine, Ramon Espantaleon. If you are in the area, it will be a sculpture show not to be missed.

“Planet Sculpture 2017 presents sculpture as an encounter between viewer and the object. The exhibition features more than 50 pieces from contemporary 3D artists.

In addition to iconic stainless steel and sleek bronze sculptures, the exhibition will feature fascinating modular cubes*, geometric porcelain**, and many other media that challenges the inventiveness of contemporary sculptors.

Using both traditional and unconventional materials and techniques, the artists explore three-dimensional forms to advance the understanding of what defines sculpture in 2017.”  – MAC FINE ART, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

For more information on the exhibtion and MAC FINE ART visit their website:

*view these on my portfolio website plus more.

**these are Roman Espantaleon’s. I highly recommend viewing his work.

Dear Creative – Letter II

Dear Beloved Creative,

“Here said, is why I love you. Because we all share the same struggles…we all fight the good fight…we are all eternal children who make mistakes and just want to be loved.”

In my previous letter I expressed my desire to reference you as “Beloved” because you are. In this letter I would like to describe my deep and pure love for you, no matter who you are or who you believe you have become.

Undeniably, we are all connected through space and time. In everyday life we can see the ripple effects of our actions reach from one person to the next at differing rates of speed and strength of impact.

Let me give you an example of this ripple effect derived from a recent story I heard from someone close to me: If you decided to bring an arm chair to a church or to a donation center because you no longer needed it or cared to have it be a part of your belongings, you made the effort to load it in your car and drive it there. It may sit for months, let’s say. Then a person of the church or employee hears that there is a homeless veteran that just received an apartment as assistance, however he has no furniture. Then the effort is made to deliver the arm chair to the veteran by volunteers or employees of that church or donation center. This man, who has suffered, now has gratitude beyond imagination that he has a warm chair to sit in, likely for the remainder of his life, all because you made the extra effort to bring the chair to the church or donation center instead of leaving it on the curb for trash. This is a positive ripple.

As you can imagine, or have likely experienced, there is the opposite scenario where something thoughtless, careless, or selfish has been done. These events don’t evaporate into existence without effecting your fellow humans in the same way. I have, like many, been on the receiving end of both positive and negative actions, just like everyone else who has ever existed. I have also been the CAUSE of both positive and negative ripples, just like everyone else who has ever existed.

Here said, is why I love you. Because we all share the same struggles. Though they are of varying degrees, we all suffer, we all fight the good fight, we all lose battles, we are all seeking what we refer to as happiness.

To be frank, we are all eternal children who make mistakes and just want to be loved. Each and every child deserves and is born to be loved and to give love. One of the hardest and most important lesson to teach a child is how to be selfless, to be charitable. This continues to be a very difficult lesson for us as adults to embrace and live by. Endless reasoning can be done to avoid charity, to avoid truly loving each other. We can explore this reasoning together. We can look at each emotion, worry, and fear, and together find what our consciences are urging us to do. This is where and how we find our VOCATION.

What is our purpose? I can tell you that my purpose is to love God, and by virtue, love you and care for you. Side by side we make mistakes and cause pain, but reach out and grab my hand as I pull you up today. Tomorrow, I may need to reach up to you, and you can be there, for me, for another human you may not know in society, but you do know THEM. The THEM that is another eternal child just like yourself.

Today I’ll think of you and your struggles and have intention with my actions, that a positive ripple I create may reach you.

For Love of All,

Veron Ennis